Tuesday, January 30, 2007

practical links

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Today's practical links:

The Internet Stroke Center

Brain Aneurysm Resources about the platinum coil used in treating a cerebral aneurysm and patient stories.

Images of brain surgery scars from Google images.

YouTube and Google Videos about various kinds of brain surgery.

Excellent images and about how an aneurysm may be treated from the Royal Perth Hospital, including information about the platinum coil or the stent.

BBC article about the platinum coil cutting the death risk from a burst cerebral aneurysm.

The American Stroke Association with a glossary of stroke related medical names and terms.

AskAPatient.com, which is a forum for discussing medicines/drugs and rating them from personal experience, as well as a useful information resource about prescription medications.

Wikipedia on the brain and stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Cerebrovascular Disease- stroke or "brain attack" from The Whole Brain Atlas.

"A Typical Patient's Journey"

A survivor's tragic story about what happened when he bumped his head.

Common conditions linked with magnesium deficiency, including in migraines, strokes and epilepsy.

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